Heritage Petroleum continued its cleanup and recovery works today (09 June 2020) at Tank 27 in the Aventure Tank Farm, Point Fortin as well as the surrounding areas impacted by Sunday’s incident.

The Company’s response efforts are primarily focused on:

  • Safeguarding the lives and wellbeing of all stakeholders
  • Removing hazardous conditions
  • Ensuring the safe continuity of operations

Today the clean-up efforts at the main affected areas involved several crews using booms and vacuum trucks to pressure-wash roadways and clean pipelines and other impacted areas. Air quality monitoring also continued today throughout the area. Results consistently indicate zero volatile organics carbons (VOCs) since incident. 

As of yesterday, surveillance of the surrounding coastal areas continued, using marine vessels, drones and foot patrols with no reported sightings of oil.

The Company’s Incident Command and HSSE teams remain on the ground to manage the situation and to address any issues and concerns.

Heritage Petroleum is working closely with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries and other regulatory agencies, to ensure that its response is executed in accordance with all procedures and processes and is resolved in a timely and safe manner.