On Saturday 6th June 2020 at around 1:00 PM Heritage Petroleum received reports of an oil spill in the vicinity of Wilson Road Barrackpore. Upon investigation, it was quickly discovered that the spill was emanating from a 4” pump line. The leak was isolated and clamped by 3:00 PM on the same day. Heritage has estimated that approximately three (3) barrels of oil was spilled.

Heritage Petroleum engaged the services of a contractor to clean up the spill.

Additionally, booms have been reinforced along nearby watercourses to restrict migration of spillage further downstream. No other leak has been identified and there has been no further migration into the river.

Agricultural land in the vicinity which may have been impacted, was jointly visited by Company officials and the farmer.  It was determined that the agricultural produce was not adversely affected.

Heritage Petroleum has also notified officials from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries of the incident and is continuing to keep them appraised of related containment and recovery efforts. Officials of the Environmental Management Agency also visited the site this afternoon (Tuesday 9th June 2020 at 1:35 PM).

Heavy rainfall in the area yesterday (Monday 8th June) hampered cleanup operations.  However, continuous monitoring (including air quality testing) and cleanup operations continued today and are expected to be completed by tomorrow (Wednesday 10th June).