On Friday 19th June 2020, at around 10:15 AM personnel connected to Heritage Petroleum Company Limited in Penal were informed of a line being cut at Wilson Road, in the vicinity of Gathering Station No. 03, Barrackpore.

Security officers immediately went to the location where they discovered that the three (3) inch lines were recently cut. 

A search of the area was conducted a further discovery was made of the following items:

  • One hundred (100) pound Propane Gas Cylinder  
  • One hundred (100) pound Oxygen Cylinder  
  • Cutting torch  
  • Chains 
  • Rope

Fortunately, the lines in question were inactive and as such, what could have been a very serious incident was averted. The Company has reported the incident to the Barrackpore Police and stepped up mobile patrols in the Wilson Road area.

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited continues to caution that its assets are all involved in major energy related activity and tampering with these assets can result in serious and quite possibly fatal injury to not only the perpetrators but others nearby. Persons are strongly urged to refrain from engaging in such acts.