Extension of Deadline for Submission of Prequalification Packages

We aware of the challenges in obtaining documents such as Certificate of Good Character, TAX Clearance (BIR & VAT), Compliance (NIB) Certificates and Bank Reference Letters. We kindly advise that interested vendors complete the Application Form and submit same with all available supporting documents for our consideration. In this regard, please note the deadline for submission of Prequalification Packages has been further extended to 2020 June 12.

Provision of General Services

Invitation To Pre-Qualification

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited (Heritage) is desirous of pre-qualifying local Vendors to provide the under-mentioned services. The Pre-qualification Process seeks to identify those Vendors who can meet the corporate, financial and technical pre-qualification criteria outlined below.

NOTE: Vendors presently engaged and doing works for Heritage for the stated services are advised to reapply.

Pre-Qualification Criteria

Companies that wish to pre-qualify will be evaluated on the following factors:
  • Corporate legitimacy
  • Financial Capacity
  • Technical Capabilities:
    • Fenceline Content/Strategy
    • Work Experience
    • Workforce
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Safety Management System
    • Quality Management System
    • Management System and Support Services


1052 – Catering Services

1067 – Local Courier Services

1077 – Office Moves/Relocation

4008 – Garbage Collection/Disposal

4009 – Grass Cutting/Vegetation

4010 – Grounds Maintenance

4101 – Building Maintenance

4102 – Janitorial (Onshore and Offshore)

4303 – Pest & Weed Control

4201 – Facility Maintenance and Upgrade Services

6001 – Cable Installation, Jointing/Terminating

6002 – Electrical Installation and Maintenance

6003 – Motor Overhauls

6004 – Overhead Lines (Up to 12KV)

6005 – Sub Sea Cable Installation

6006 – Electrical Testing Services

6101 – Elevator Installation and Maintenance

6102 – Industrial Power Systems Protection

6103 – Motor & Transformer Rewinding-Up to 600V

6104 – Motor & Transformer Rewinding-Up to 12KV

6105 – Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

6601 – Instrumentation

6701 – DCS/PLC/SCADA Equipment

6702 – Laboratory Equipment – Mtce & Repairs

6705 – Safety, Fire and Security Protection

6707 – Telecommunications Services

6708 – Offshore Platforms Wellhead Services

8315 – A/C & Refrigeration Services – Domestic/Small Commercial

8316 – A/C & Refrigeration Services – Industrial/Large Commercial

8401 – Personnel Carriers and Taxis

8402 – General Trucking Services

8421 – Cranes and Hoists – Light and Medium

8422 – Cranes and Hoists – Heavy

Completed Form together with its relevant supporting documents must be emailed no later than 2020 June 12 to

Queries should be sent via email only to the above email address.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to apply if my company is currently engaged in services with Heritage Petroleum Company Limited (HPCL)?

Yes. Although your company is currently doing business with Heritage, you must apply by following the guidelines indicated.


If I have already submitted a Form for General Services, can I now submit another application for Additional Services and/or Material Groups?

Yes. You are required to complete the Prequalification Form and submit evidence relevant to the Additional Services and/or Material Groups.


Am I required to submit copies of all previously submitted documents?

If you have previously applied for the General Services and are desirous of applying for additional services and/or material groups, you are not required to resubmit the Statutory documents e.g. Certificate of Incorporation, BIR, VAT and NIB Certificates. However, you are required to submit all documents relevant to the additional services and/or material groups e.g. Key Personnel, Tools & Equipment, Work Experience etc.


Can I apply for multiple services?

Yes. You can apply for multiple services once your company can provide same.


Can I apply for both services and materials?

Yes. You only need to submit one Application Form for both requests and ensure that all relevant supporting documents are submitted with the Form.

Who should I contact should I have any questions or require additional information?

All queries or clarifications must be sent to the attention of the Registration Coordinator via email at:

Contact information should be clearly stated in the Pre-Qualification submission.

All correspondence must be in English
Heritage reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Requests for Prequalification without defraying any costs incurred by any company, including but not limited to the preparation and submission of this Prequalification Application Package.