Vendor Management

Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a Fence Line/Community Contractor with Heritage Petroleum Company Limited. 

Registration is open from Monday, July 15th to July 31st 2019.

Section 1: Corporate Data

Business name as stated on the certificate of incorporation

Statutory Registrations

Provide copies of Certificate of Registration/Incorporation, Continuance and Memorandum and Articles of Association where applicable

JPEG and PDF ONLY. 5mb Limit.

Supporting Documents Required

  1. Listing of owners/partners/shareholders and Directors
  2. Related parties working or doing business at or with Heritage
  3. Key personnel responsible for works/services
  4. List of major equipment and tools
  5. Work experience/history
  6. Statutory registration documents
  7. Bankers reference Letter ( View Template)
IMPORTANT PUBLIC NOTICE: Closure of Field RoadsSee Details