Company Profile

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited (Heritage) is Trinidad & Tobago’s newest State-owned, oil and gas company incorporated on 5th October 2018 and commenced operations on 1st December of that year.

The company aims to focus on exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil with a mandate to provide maximum financial returns for the country’s energy reserves. Our operations are primarily located within southern Trinidad and Tobago with non-operated assets off Trinidad’s east coast.


To be a source of pride for Trinidad and Tobago by focusing on profitability, operational excellence and world class talent as a performance driven oil and gas company.

Our INSPIRE Core Values

Shape the way we work and our culture at Heritage Petroleum. We are building a world class company at Heritage Petroleum. In so doing, we must ensure that our corporate culture is rooted in strong core values.


We deliver on our promises, treating each other fairly, honestly and respectfully, fostering relationships of trust within the broader society and community.



We respond quickly whilst adapting in order to work effectively in ambiguous or changing situations, and with diverse individuals and groups.



We commit to managing our business and communities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in accordance with statutory requirements.



We have a commercial focus with a business mindset which promotes profitability and sustainability. We are committed to focusing our efforts on achieving high quality results, consistent with the organization’s standards and aspirations.



We promote innovation that improves processes and results. Generating viable, new approaches and solutions, and continuously seeking to create new possibilities will be rewarded.



We recognise, value and leverage the unique perspectives, experiences and talents of every individual. We promote cross-cultural understanding, fairness and inclusion throughout the organization.



We are values-driven, energizing and inspiring others to strive for the best and commit to common goals and purposes, creating a sense of self-efficacy, resilience and persistence.