Supplier Registration Process

Supplier Registration and Pre-Qualification

Register with Heritage by following these three (3) steps:

Step 1

Supplier Self-Registration begins by sending an email with a brief Company profile and registration request to

Step 2

After reviewing your Company Profile a Registration Invitation email will be sent to you.

Step 3

Follow all instructions and training material provided in the Registration Invitation email to complete and submit the Corporate & Financial Registration Questionnaire. Upon successful review of your registration application, you will receive an email notification indicating that you are Registered with Heritage.


Pre-Qualification commences after successful registration with Heritage.
Follow these three (3) steps to pre-qualify with Heritage:

Step 1

Pre-qualification is initiated by Heritage, the supplier will be notified that the pre-qualification process has commenced via a Pre-qualification Invitation email.

Step 2

Follow all guidelines in the pre-qualification invitation to complete and submit your Pre-qualification Questionnaire.

Step 3

Upon successful evaluation of your pre-qualification application, you will receive an email notification indicating the Categories you have pre-qualified for.

User Guides and Video Tutorials

Registration FAQs

SAP Ariba is an e-procurement and supply chain collaboration solution that facilitates digital collaboration between buyers and suppliers.

For more information on Ariba, please visit

With the SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing solution portfolio, Heritage can manage our entire Supply Registration, Sourcing and Contracting processes for all types of spend – direct and indirect – all in one place. Heritage’s Strategic Sourcing Suite consists of the following three (3) modules:

  • Supplier Lifecycle and Performance Management (SLP)
  • Contract Management
  • Sourcing

Heritage started using SAP Ariba in November 2020.

The Supplier must send their company profile to Heritage via link below:

Heritage will assess for applicability prior to making an invitation decision.

User guidelines and instructional videos can be found at on the Supplier Management tab.

Additionally, further support is available via our Registration Office, see details in the “Help and Support Section”.

Click on the link and enter your User Credentials.

Currently, there is no cost to registered or prospective Heritage suppliers.

For more information on the Ariba Network and its benefits, please visit

Access to an electronic device with a stable Internet connection and a web browser are the only requirements.

Help and Support

If you have any queries about our Supplier
Management system, please contact:

Support Hours: Resources
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 3:00pm
Creating a Supplier Self-Registration