The Way We Work

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited (Heritage) is Trinidad & Tobago’s newest State-owned, oil and gas company incorporated on 5th October 2018 and commenced operations on 1st December of that year.

The company aims to focus on exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil with a mandate to provide maximum financial returns for the country’s energy reserves. Our operations are primarily located within southern Trinidad and Tobago with non-operated assets off Trinidad’s north and east coast.

Our offshore operations seek to maximise value through the efficient and effective execution of projects and routine upstream activities within the Soldado Fields. The division develops field acreage consistent with the organization’s strategic objectives, through efficient and safe execution of surface and subsurface activities, while protecting our base production.

Our land operations are responsible for carrying out drilling and workover activities to increase production; finding new oil deposits and direct our drilling programs to increase our reservoirs; and maintaining land assets to meet our production targets.

Partnerships has and will continue to be central to Heritage strategy.

Heritage owns a rich asset resource base that has world class potential to deliver significant returns nationally. The Heritage Strategic Plan includes the following important statement – “We can only deliver the extraordinary by partnering for value – this includes how we partner with Government and our commercial partners who provide both the capital and technical expertise to realize the potential of our asset base.”

For Business Development related matters (JVs, Partnerships and possible New Business Ventures for Onshore or Offshore) please send emails to BusinessDevelopment@heritage-tt.com.

Our subsurface operations are key to understanding Heritage’s resources and to planning for systematic development. Work is ongoing to develop Field Development Plans (FDPs) for all the major oil fields in the Heritage acreage. This is vital to being able to optimize infill drilling programmes, maximize recoveries, extend boundaries of current fields to increase recoverable reserves, and to reduce risk.

Our midstream operation is purposed with receiving crude from Offshore, Land and Lease Operators, fiscalisation of the crude, and pumping it to Paria Fuel Trading Company for cargo sales.