Heritage Focused on clean-up at Guayaguayare

The Heritage Petroleum Company Limited Incident Management Team is continuing its clean-up and rehabilitation activities at the site of an oil spill in Guayaguayare that occurred on 11th February 2023.
On 12th February 2023, investigations revealed a leak on a 10-inch pipeline along Ferrier Road, which affected the heavily forested area and an inland watercourse. Heritage immediately isolated and repaired the leak, and began clean-up and rehabilitation work. A contractor from the local community was also hired on 13th February 2023 to provide additional staffing, and eighty-five (85) residents were hired from this engagement.
Because the area was so densely forested, initial access to the affected area was only possible by foot. Heritage has now cleared roads to provide access to tractors and heavy equipment. This has slowed the early clean-up efforts. So far, over 7,000 barrels of fluid comprising 95% water and 5% hydrocarbons have been removed from five (5) collection points along the riverbank and transported to the Guayaguayare Tank Farm. The onsite team has concentrated its efforts close to the village to reduce any inconvenience being experienced by the residents.
The conservation group, Serpentarium, was engaged in the wildlife conservation efforts. Animals are being rehabilitated and relocated where necessary. The Forestry division has also been listing all trees which were cut.
Air quality testing, using an independent contractor, is being conducted continuously at sites both close to the oil spill site and in the community. Initially, the tests revealed very low levels (parts per billion) of hydrocarbon vapours. From March 1, the tests have registered no detectable levels of toxic vapour and acceptable oxygen levels. Residents have also reported the dissipation of the odour. Heritage continues to conduct twenty-four-hour air quality monitoring of the affected areas. Noise monitoring was also carried out, with levels far below the lower limits of the Noise Pollution Control Rules being recorded.
During the clean-up activities, members of three households expressed concerns about odour and noise and were all offered alternative accommodation. Two of the families took up the offer and were relocated, but the third family indicated that with the dissipation of the odour, relocation was no longer necessary, and other welfare services were provided. Heritage has also contracted an Ambulance service to ensure 24/7 medical facility is readily available should residents experience health issues. Daily assistance is also being provided by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) and the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service (TTFS).
Heritage’s Chief Executive Officer, Arlene Chow and members of Heritage’s Leadership Team visited Guayaguayare on 5th March 2023 to meet with residents to review the progress of the remedial work.
Since the first report of the incident, Heritage has been on the scene and is in daily contact with the residents, the Village Council, the Councillor, and the Member of Parliament. Heritage also continues to update the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) and Environmental Management Authority (EMA) on the progress of the clean-up and any new developments. The clean-up operation is now 60% complete.

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