Heritage Launches its ESG Report

Heritage Launches Its ESG Report


Heritage is delighted to launch its first ever ESG Report which provides the narrative of its sustainability journey thus far, focusing on: protecting the environment, building community capacity, supporting economic development and empowering future leaders.

 Heritage leverages an ESG-linked strategy that supports its cultural transformation and helps bring its vision to life. Aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it takes an integrated approach while focusing on the areas where Heritage believes that it can make the most difference.

“Our ESG Report reflects our commitment to continuous improvement as we strive to become a more sustainable and resilient business,” says Heritage CEO Arlene Chow.

This ESG report is a major milestone for Heritage, and it will serve as the foundation for greater transparency as the company further develop its sustainability agenda.

To learn more, read our 2020-2021 REPORT HERE.

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